Our Story

We  grow certified Organic Hemp
Spencer, Dad and Myself (Ed), grow certified Organic Hemp on our home farm in Co. Wicklow, at the foot of the Keadeen Mountains. 
Together with the support of our wider families, spouses and the growing next generation, we firstly want to thank you for popping by!

We combine the passion of a farmers' heart with the interest of the farm's biological activity in the soil. Our farm is a living organism and everything we do is to protect our farm, our environment, our families' future farming and our community.

We grow, harvest, press and produce a range of hemp products whilst promoting the multitude of health and environmental benefits of bringing more hemp into our lives. Take a look around and hopefully we'll get to meet you at our farm soon.

Popular Hemp Products

We Grow, Harvest, Press & Produce a range of Hemp Products on Our Family Farm.
We want to Educate & Promote the Multitude of Health & Environmental benefits of bringing more hemp into our lives.
We grow a variety of HEMP called Finola. It is an EU approved variety for seed cultivation. Hemp loves our sandy soils and the tap root is able to easily penetrate and take up the nutrients required. We harvest and dry our seed as quickly as possible which helps to preserve all of the goodness which our hemp has to offer.

Full Spectrum Oil 30ml


Hemp Seed Oil 250ml


Hemp Protein Powder 500g


Hemp Green Seed Oil Balm with Full Spectrum Extract 60ml

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